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Meet The Team


Founder, efficiency enthusiast, globe trotter. Zoe is in denial about accounting being boring and brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the business.
The organised one, eternal optimist, lover of all things craft-related. Darcie manages the team and keeps the Sytrus operation running smoothly.

Accounting & Accounting Trainees​

Cool, calm and seriously competitive. Molly’s our dark horse, quietly slaying the task at hand, be it work or games – she’s got it!
A fast learner who loves a challenge, Kadie asks all the questions until she’s confident in the solution and brings a lovely sunny disposition to the office.
Our ‘can-do’ and ‘already done-it’ guy, Jordan is transitioning brilliantly from accountant in industry to practice and nothing seems too much for him.
Charmaine shares our passion for exceptional financial reporting. Joining us for her ACCA training, she has spent 3 years in  accountancy, has her AAT Level 4 and we can’t wait to get know her better!
Our Speedy Gonzales, Matt races through everything he can get his hands on and has been described as a human calculator.
The office feeder, Paige makes sure the snacks abound and keeps us all laughing whilst taking brilliant care of our payroll services.
Jack is always eager to help and has the rest of the team fighting for his time. This cheeky chap is growing from strength to strength as he smashes through his AAT training.
Mahendra is our first entirely remote colleague. He has worked as an Accounts Assistant since 2012 and was looking for an opportunity to move his career
Brendan started with us in the summer of 2022 as his first step on the accountancy career ladder. He’s fitting in brilliantly and he gets everything done with a smile.

Admin & HR

Vicki has oodles of experience in accounts, HR and operations and has joined Sytrus as an administrative wizard to keep us on track.
With a background in admin at more traditional accountancy practices, Jacqui puts the ‘SY’ into Sytrus with her systems-focus, meticulous deadline-management and attention to our client database.
Gergana keeps us ticking along by looking after our internal bookkeeping and accounts, any questions on your invoices and Gergana is your Gal.
HR with a smile; Sally helps bring our skills to the fore and uses her quick wit to help us come to terms with our flaws, bringing the team together making sure we’re doing what we do best.
Zoe’s lifeline; as her PA, Julie fills in the gaps in Zoe’s organisational skills and brings the caring mother-hen vibes in abundance.
Head of mental health support, Reggie never fails to soothe nerves and raise a smile. He’s also our resident chair thief!