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Meet The Team

Paige started her working life as a Duty Manager at a gym; learning the ropes of business administration by managing a team of 12 and organising the business’ events and functions of the Company. When she turned 20, Paige joined EasyJet as a member of their cabin crew, eventually moving from there to Virgin Atlantic, traveling all across the world including exploring during any time off she could get. 

Other than her obvious love for travel, Paige is also a bit of a fitness fanatic. She used to swim competitively (going as far as nationals), trained as a personal trainer, and is still a keen netball player as part of her local team. Paige also loves horse racing and even owns shares of two successful racehorses.

Paige joined us in 2020 and is keeping spirits high with her fantastic sense of humour while she trains up for this new career.

Paige loves the close team spirit at Sytrus- including working alongside Zoe, who it turns out she went to school with, though they didn’t know each other there! She’s really enjoying the challenging new world of accounting- learning so much every day and meeting new tasks head on. Paige is making her way through the AAT course and is hoping to return to flying part time in the post-covid world whilst continuing her training and new career in accountancy.