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Sytrus Accounting

Meet the Sytrus Team

Zoe Tanner - Founder of Sytrus


Founder, efficiency enthusiast, globe trotter. Zoe is in denial about accounting being boring and brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the business.

Darcie, Sytrus


The organised one, eternal optimist, lover of all things craft-related. Darcie manages the team and keeps the Sytrus operation running smoothly.

Kadie, Sytrus


A fast learner who loves a challenge; Kadie asks all the questions until she’s confident in the solution and brings a lovely sunny disposition to the office.

Jordan, Sytrus


Our ‘can-do’ and ‘already-done-it’ guy, Jordan is transitioning brilliantly from accountant in industry to practice and nothing seems too much for him.

Paige, Sytrus


The office feeder, Paige makes sure the snacks abound and keeps us all laughing whilst taking brilliant care of our payroll services.

Matt, Sytrus


Our Speedy Gonzales, Matt races through everything he can get his hands on and has been described as a human calculator.

Mahendra, Sytrus


Mahendra is our first entirely remote colleague. He has worked as an Accounts Assistant since 2012 and was looking for an opportunity to move his career forward- we’re very glad he found us in 2020.

Ciara, Sytrus


Ciara is our organisational whizz. She takes care of our admin and loves nothing more than a good adventure!

Sally, Sytrus


HR with a smile; Sally can brighten up any working environment while keeping HR legalities on track.

Julie, Sytrus


Professional vocalist, virtual assistant and caring mother-hen; Julie keeps Zoe on the straight and narrow as her PA while looking after the Sytrus website and social presence.

Reggie, Sytrus


Our resident chair thief, Reggie keeps us firmly in our place, but distracts us with his charm and smile!

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Sytrus founder and fearless leader, Zoe, is an ACCA and AAT qualified accountant with a background in business ownership and financial directorship. 

After a brief stint in the retail industry, her career started at a Chartered Accountants in Hove, where she worked up to an Audit & Accounts Senior from 2011 to 2016. Zoe’s love of spinning a few plates at once saw a few roles overlapping during this time including Finance Directorship in a Lighting Company and Managing Director of a Tanning studio. 

Using the knowledge base she had acquired over her time in the workforce, Zoe decided to launch Sytrus in 2016 and now focuses (almost!) all of her energy here- building a strong team of like-minded accountants, encouraging continuous growth and development in her team and ensuring the best possible service for her clients.

Zoe’s passions within Sytrus mainly center around providing training opportunities and seeing the team develop in their professional skills, qualifications, confidence and their relationships with clients. When service levels to clients are tip top and there’s laughter in the office, Zoe’s at her most content. 

Outside of Sytrus, Zoe loves to dance (though she admits she’s only marginally better than Theresa May), and loves to breathe new life into run-down houses.


After enjoying maths at school and finding a natural aptitude for statistics and finance, Darcie studied Economics at A-Level (though she chose Psychology for her undergraduate degree having enjoyed the combination of statistical analysis, maths and written work during her studies). 

While at university, Darcie worked at the Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce as an intern and as a Lettings Administrator as part of the university student accommodation team which gave her a great first taste of business administration. 

After completing her degree (while working as a Finance and Production Manager at a costume company) Darcie studied for a diploma in HR management as something of a toe in the water but quickly realised that the finance side of the role was definitely her main interest. Her goal was then to become a fully qualified accountant with a focus on helping companies understand their financial position and maintain current and useful financial information. 

She enrolled with ACCA and made a start on her studies independently, before moving from London back to Brighton and continuing her qualifications with Sytrus from 2018. 

Darcie says she was drawn to Sytrus because it didn’t seem like a group of your average accountants:

“The relaxed, non-corporate style attracts lovely clients and the team is just great to work with. I love working in a small team- instead of being a cog in a huge machine, you’re more than a number and everything you do is impactful.”

As a natural problem solver, Darcie quickly became a confidant and huge support to many clients as well as a fantastic right hand woman to Zoe. Along with training the more junior members in all things accounting, Darcie’s can-do, positive attitude flows through the team and keeps us all on track.

Outside of Sytrus, Darcie loves paddle-boarding with her partner. They go out as much as possible to the coast and local rivers, enjoying many a summer sunset on the water. One day they hope to bring along their young cocker spaniel, Reggie, for the ride! Darcie also spends a lot of time renovating her house- taking it from classic 70s decor to a perfect forever home with the finishing touches now on the horizon.


Kadie wanted to be an accountant from a young age but assumed it wouldn’t be for her given her dwindling love of maths at school. So, due to her creative flair, she went on to study photography and graphic design at college instead. While she excelled at it and loved the subject matter, she wasn’t sure she wanted her hobby to become her work and so decided to turn to a more of a corporate career.

In 2004, Kadie joined Equiniti- firstly in a junior operational role but quickly moving up to Service Delivery Manager and then on to more of a regulatory role as a Product Support Specialist. Over the course of her 16 years with the company, the nagging desire to give accounting a try never faded so in 2018 she applied to study for her first two AAT qualifications independently, via Northbrook college. She also found a bookkeeping client that she squeezed in around her work, study and young family. This turned out to be a mutual client of Sytrus, and Zoe and Darcie were immediately impressed with Kadie’s aptitude for the job and how quickly she learned so they were delighted when Kadie showed interest in the trainee position in mid-2020. Since then, Kadie has continued to show she’s a natural at transitioning her previous professional experience into accountancy. 

Kadie still enjoys putting her creative skills to work wherever she can- she says they now tend to revolve around her ‘new’ biggest passion- her two young sons with whom she enjoys craft projects as well as family walks and board games. She’s also rather handy and loves getting stuck into home improvements while also somehow finding time to think about continuous self improvement and her studies.


Jordan joined Sytrus in 2021 after four years as an Accounts Assistant at a crane company. While there, Jordan enjoyed great exposure to management accounting and balance sheet reconciliations while completing his Levels 3 and 4 AAT. Luckily for us, there was a bit too much crane-admin to keep him there and he joined Sytrus to embark on his ACCA training.

Following his A-Levels in Business Studies, IT and History, Jordan was given a brief opportunity to assist a manager in the retail sector, this experience confirmed his interest in the financial side of business and led him to his aforementioned role as an Accounts Assistant at a crane company. 

Jordan says he was drawn to Sytrus by our modern approach and was excited to join an accountancy practice to gain a broader experience of the industry.

Outside of work, Jordan supports his beloved Chelsea football team and indulges his love of video games and films. He’s a keen runner and gets stuck into the odd bit of baking too.


Paige started her working life as a Duty Manager at a gym; learning the ropes of business administration by managing a team of 12 and organising the business’ events and functions of the Company. When she turned 20, Paige joined EasyJet as a member of their cabin crew, eventually moving from there to Virgin Atlantic, traveling all across the world including exploring during any time off she could get. 

Other than her obvious love for travel, Paige is also a bit of a fitness fanatic. She used to swim competitively (going as far as nationals), trained as a personal trainer, and is still a keen netball player as part of her local team. Paige also loves horse racing and even owns shares of two successful racehorses.

Paige joined us in 2020 and is keeping spirits high with her fantastic sense of humour while she trains up for this new career.

Paige loves the close team spirit at Sytrus- including working alongside Zoe, who it turns out she went to school with, though they didn’t know each other there! She’s really enjoying the challenging new world of accounting- learning so much every day and meeting new tasks head on. Paige is making her way through the AAT course and is hoping to return to flying part time in the post-covid world whilst continuing her training and new career in accountancy.


Following his degree in Mathematics at the University of Brighton, Matt joined the team as our apprentice in 2021. Matt’s starting with the AAT levels three and four and hopes to move onto the ACCA afterward. During his studies at uni, he kept himself even busier by taking on roles in catering and as a recreation assistant in a sports centre- his work ethic does him credit!

Matt’s interest in accounting comes largely from his mother’s influence. As an accountant herself, she would often take Matt to work with her, recruiting his assistance where she could. Our small team and modern approach caught Matt’s attention as the perfect first step on his career ladder and somewhere he could be supported as he learns the ropes.

In his spare time, Matt loves gaming and to watch any and all sports as well as taking part in them as often as possible- especially football. He’s also a bit of a film buff and has a keen interest in Astrology and spiritual development.


Mahendra joins us from Gujarat as our first entirely remote colleague. He has worked as an Accounts Assistant since 2012 and was looking for an opportunity to move his career forward- we’re very glad he found us in 2020.

Mahendra studied at Saurashtra University, achieving his Masters of Commerce in 2012 before moving on to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India to become a Chartered Accountant. 

He then began his career working in three Accounts Assistant positions over 6 years in varied roles from Bookkeeping, taxation, year end accounts preparation and client onboarding. Mahendra is currently assisting the Sytrus team behind the scenes, working on bookkeeping support for a select few clients. Outside of work, Mahendra enjoys playing cricket, travelling and listening to music, both Bollywood and western. 


Ciara joined us to take care of our administration and client onboarding in 2021 following an already varied career in executive assistance across many different sectors.

She studied Globalisation: History, Politics, Culture at Brighton University (graduating with a 2:1 in 2013) and worked in several part-time roles during her studies.

After uni, Ciara joined Brighton Implant Clinic as their Receptionist/Administrator which gave her the experience she needed to move to Cape Industrial Services; first as an Admin Assistant and then as Executive Assistant to the CFO. After leaving in 2018, she spent a brief time at a legal firm before deciding to go self employed as a Virtual Assistant in early 2020.

Following a short spell as an Executive Assistant within the NHS, Ciara (thankfully!) decided to join Sytrus having enjoyed working with a small financial team during her time at Cape Industrial Services. She wanted to rejoin the industry and our job advert spoke to her.

Outside of work, Ciara loves yoga, live music, stand up comedy and going on adventures with her dog Pollito.


Having studied for her BA in Business Management and Enterprise at De Montfort University and achieving a First, Sally started her working life in an Administrative role from 2008 to 2012 before moving into a Business Development position. From there, she had a career change into working with children with additional needs before moving back towards her roots and into sales development in 2016. 

Another lover of juggling a few balls at once, Sally simultaneously supported a school as Chair of the Board of Trustees which really peaked her interest in HR functions, and later added directorship in a business services company into the mix in 2018.

In 2020, Sally started her own HR consultancy Company; Insightful Team, through which she now provides Sytrus with invaluable support while also studying for her Masters in Human Resource Management at the university of West London.

Outside of work, Sally loves to travel as much as possible and also enjoys indulging her deep love of cheese!


Julie started out her career in 2010 as a Customer Service rep for Primelocation.com and Findaproperty.com. Following a redundancy, Julie entered into some temp roles including recruitment support and general administration which led into her next permanent position as a lettings Branch Administrator. From there she joined a recruitment company; first as a Compliance Consultant and then as a Team Operations Coordinator, which gave her invaluable experience in many fields. 

Becoming a mum and moving out of Brighton led her to launch her VA venture in 2019 which has now grown into a full time business. She supports side-hustlers, freelancers and small companies and helps with anything from social media to graphic design, personal tasks to business admin.

As part of her freelance work, Julie handles Sytrus’ social media presence and website as well as supporting Zoe with more personal tasks and organisation.

Julie also worked as a professional function band singer and vocal tutor from 2010 all the way up until having her daughter- the bump got in the way and now a toddler demands her attention at the weekends but she still manages to squeeze in the odd pub gig when the itch just needs to be scratched! She shares her love of music with her husband, Isaac, who played with her in the function band as guitarist and fellow singer. They now annoy their daughter by singing along with everything on the TV in perfect harmony.


Reggie is an affectionate and greedy little fella who has an impressive natural mohawk.

He gets upset when his mum (AKA Darcie) dares to leave the room and has lightning-quick reactions when it comes to:

– darting out of the door
– food or places where food used to be
– finding cardboard that looks tasty for chewing
– occupying warm seats (who wants an available one, anyway?)

As the most junior member of the team, we’re excited to see how Reggie’s natural talents unfold – we’re expecting great things.