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Meet The Team

Matt, Sytrus

Following his degree in Mathematics at the University of Brighton, Matt joined the team as our apprentice in 2021. Matt’s starting with the AAT levels three and four and hopes to move onto the ACCA afterward. During his studies at uni, he kept himself even busier by taking on roles in catering and as a recreation assistant in a sports centre- his work ethic does him credit!

Matt’s interest in accounting comes largely from his mother’s influence. As an accountant herself, she would often take Matt to work with her, recruiting his assistance where she could. Our small team and modern approach caught Matt’s attention as the perfect first step on his career ladder and somewhere he could be supported as he learns the ropes.

In his spare time, Matt loves gaming and to watch any and all sports as well as taking part in them as often as possible- especially football. He’s also a bit of a film buff and has a keen interest in Astrology and spiritual development.