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Meet The Team

After enjoying maths at school and finding a natural aptitude for statistics and finance, Darcie studied Economics at A-Level (though she chose Psychology for her undergraduate degree having enjoyed the combination of statistical analysis, maths and written work during her studies). 

While at university, Darcie worked at the Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce as an intern and as a Lettings Administrator as part of the university student accommodation team which gave her a great first taste of business administration. 

After completing her degree (while working as a Finance and Production Manager at a costume company) Darcie studied for a diploma in HR management as something of a toe in the water but quickly realised that the finance side of the role was definitely her main interest. Her goal was then to become a fully qualified accountant with a focus on helping companies understand their financial position and maintain current and useful financial information. 

She enrolled with ACCA and made a start on her studies independently, before moving from London back to Brighton and continuing her qualifications with Sytrus from 2018. 

Darcie says she was drawn to Sytrus because it didn’t seem like a group of your average accountants:

“The relaxed, non-corporate style attracts lovely clients and the team is just great to work with. I love working in a small team- instead of being a cog in a huge machine, you’re more than a number and everything you do is impactful.”

As a natural problem solver, Darcie quickly became a confidant and huge support to many clients as well as a fantastic right hand woman to Zoe. Along with training the more junior members in all things accounting, Darcie’s can-do, positive attitude flows through the team and keeps us all on track.

Outside of Sytrus, Darcie loves paddle-boarding with her partner. They go out as much as possible to the coast and local rivers, enjoying many a summer sunset on the water. One day they hope to bring along their young cocker spaniel, Reggie, for the ride! Darcie also spends a lot of time renovating her house- taking it from classic 70s decor to a perfect forever home with the finishing touches now on the horizon.